We are committed to providing our students with the best martial arts instruction available. We are proud to say that we are the oldest established Taekwon-Do Academy in Norwalk, serving the community since 1985. 

 Our program is not just about kicking and punching, it's about self-confidence, self discpline as well as physical conditioning.


Kali 4 Kids & Adults

Kali is the indigenous fighting art of the Philippines. Kali is a very complete martial art, utilizing weapons, empty hands, kicking, striking, and ground fighting.  Kali practitioners are known for their lighting-fast movements and efficient footwork in wielding weapons.


Shaping Tomorrow's Leader

Taught safely with traditional values, Tae Kwon Do will help your child develop their physical coordination along with their concentration skills.  Tae Kwon Do will help in all aspects of life - teaching respect for all things, giving them the positive influence and self confidence they will need to be successful at anything they do. 


Goal's Settings

Brand new students who enroll will start out with the rank of "White Belt", and will work towards higher ranks (also indicated by color) which is designed to help them with goal setting, giving them a sense of self- achievement.

And Of course it is lot of fun to learn, and a great workout for kids!!

Once enrolled in our Taekwon-Do program children quickly become more focused at school and at home - and their parents take notice. Our students are less likely to take unnecessary risks and they develop the confidence to say no to unhealthy peer pressure.

Traditional Martial Arts Training

Learn self-defense, improve self-confidence, and increase overall fitness through traditional Martial Arts training in Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do is the most complete workout you can find - relieves stress, increases flexibility, develops strength and muscle tone and improves your cardiovascular fitness.

Many people join the Tae Kwon-Do program to learn self-defense.

While Tae Kwon-Do is an excellent way to learn self-defense, it will also positively affect your mental attitude & confidence which will reflect at home, with friends & professional relationships.


What is Kali!

It is a Filipino Martial Art that was developed in the Philippines and tested in actual combat at all levels from wartime to street fights and more.
Over the years it has been systemized into an “art” form. Kali is also known as Escrima and Arnis. It has been street tested and passed with flying colors.

Norwalk Taekwondo Academy shows how the single and double stick work of the Filipino Martial Arts is used for Empty-handed Self Defense.You will learn through special drills how your natural movements are applied to the actions of the stick and beyond to bring you a kick-butt Self Defense Curriculum!


Next Steps...

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